August 4, 2020

Benefits of a Cloud POS solution

Do you want to upgrade your POS (Point of Sale) system? Invest in a cloud POS solution. In the modern digital world, it’s all about the cloud. Not only will it keep your data safe and secure but also make it accessible 24/7. According to a report, the global cloud POS market was valued approximately USD 1.29 billion in 2019 and by 2026; this growth rate is expected to increase 21.38% Cloud-based POS system offers a myriad of features and facilities to your store. Below we have put together some good reasons why you should get a cloud-based POS system.

Flexibility Cloud POS

One of the significant benefits of modern Cloud POS systems is that it can be accessed via any device such as desktop, tablet, and smartphone. With a few mouse clicks or taps on Smartphone, you can view inventory counts, labour usage percentages and your daily total regularly. Modern Cloud POS Systems are compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems.

Decreased Downtime

With a conventional POS system, one major issue is downtime.  Whenever an employer or manager has to update the store’s information or inventory, they have to update each device individually – each POS terminal, handheld device, and even back-office computer system. However, this is not the case with a Cloud POS solution. It will take only a few minutes to complete the update. Perhaps this is the reason, 60% of recent POS system purchases were cloud platforms.

Increased Mobility

In addition to managing your store from anywhere, a cloud-based POS system lets you be mobile inside the store, which means that you can move around with the equipment and your customer. Modern cloud POS systems makes it easier for vendors to have the product’s information quickly available so assist customers at all times.

Secure Backup & Multi-User Level Access

Data loss has been a significant concern for store owners. However, with a cloud POS system, you don’t need to be worried about data loss because as soon as an item is sold the cloud POS solution instantly saves the information. In a cloud-based database which is backuped incrementally. Any failure of on site hardware will not affect the data and poses a lower risk to the business.

Also, you don’t need to be worried about safety. Unlike conventional POS systems, cloud-based systems are highly secured. You can provide or restrict access to multiple users including features and services.

Use Existing Hardware

Another big reason for the high demand of Cloud-based POS systems is that it can easily be installed on your existing device that means you won’t need to buy expensive hardware or computers. Some conventional POS systems can cost you tens of thousands, whereas a cloud based system is generally based on a monthly subscription and can be cancelled at any point in time. Less investment and less tie in periods. This will help keep businesses agile and cost efficient.

Keep Track of Your Performance

Since cloud POS Systems come with a performance dashboard, you can easily track your growth and business trends. They also allow you to add product lines, features or stores as you change and grow your business. Additionally, you can customise its settings to your specific needs, subscribing to more advanced features if you wish. For instance, marketing, accounting, online ordering, and loyalty programs can be added if needed at the click of a button.

If you’re in search of a cloud POS solution that can help you save time, cut costs and modernise the way you handle your business management processes, invest in a cloud-based POS solution, and enjoy the flexibility and convenience.