• Data Protection Policy
  • Data protection impact assessment procedures
  • Important information security policies and procedures to keep your information secure
  • Staff Training Policy
  • Subject Access Request template and Procedure
  • Data Retention Policy
  • An international data transfer procedure
  • Consent Procedure
  • A procedure for conducting a privacy audit
  • Privacy Notice
  • Data breach notification process and procedures
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Analysis & Guidance
Provide list of documents required
Production of all documents as per your business requirement
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We provide fully managed GDPR compliance services to organisations that wish to outsource the entire process to a trusted GDPR specialist.

If you don’t want the burden of data protection compliance or do not have the internal resources, then outsourcing could serve as the perfect solution. From the initial GDPR audit and assessment to the implementation of the required data protection layers, we will ensure that your business meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. The overall methodology involved in the GDPR compliance process is as follows:

  • Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Implementation

We assist organisations to analyse the gaps in business workflows & processes regarding IT, Network, Security and Infrastructure & acts as consultants to identify and secure potential risks. Our team of experts will mitigate risks through careful assessment and Gap Analysis.

We know the importance of Data Protection Policy documentation & will help your organisation create the required document set to ensure your business is compliant. Accurate documentation of the systems & processes involving the handling of user
data will help identify potential data breaches and highlight any scenarios that require operational & systematic change. Concise documentation and business practice guidelines will also serve as a reference in case of an industry audit or regulatory inspection.

We will use the data and documentation generated in the early assessment process to formulate a plan to implement your information security framework, processes and other measures that may be required to achieve compliance with regards to GDPR. The plan produced, will serve as a key document that provides an organisation-wide roadmap for the work needed to implement the changes required to meet compliance regulation.

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GDPR Compliance & Privacy Impact Assessment

Identify existing policies, procedures and other accountability mechanisms that
are already providing rules and guidelines for processing personal data in your
organisation that may be leveraged and enhanced for GDPR compliance.
Provide recommendation and High-level roadmap for achieving compliance

Sensitive Data Discovery (Process & Technologies)

Help you to discover sensitive data residing across your enterprise and processes
governing the usage and management of the same.

Sensitive Data Protection Control Assessment

Understand the entire personal data eco-system across your enterprise to
support Track the key metrics that reveal your level of compliance with
data protection regulations and laws, including GDPR

GDPR Compliance mandatory document creation

After assessment and sensitive data discovery, we create all necessary
documentation required by GDPR process.

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