About our Hedge Funds Support Services

With the help of our Hedge Fund Services, you can face the obstacles of running a hedge fund business in a fast-paced industry. Utilise our industry expertise and cutting-edge technology to meet investor needs and manage risk while you focus on your customers’ investment objectives. Reduce the strain of operations with a hedge fund administration partner who understands what you’re going through: we’re built from the ground up to be an extension of your company. With the vast capabilities of our team, experience the personal touch of a boutique administrator. Your expansion into new markets will be aided by our stability, worldwide footprint, and smart risk management. Some of our expertise are digital marketing, web design, branding, mobile app development, and SAAS App Development for your Hedge Funds Business.

Our Different Set of Services for Hedge Funds Business

Digital Marketing

As a hedge fund, you may be just getting started with digital marketing or have some basic marketing tools at your disposal. However, because today’s investors are better informed and will perform their fund analysis, fund managers must begin to increase their internet presence and use digital marketing platforms to successfully target and connect with investors. Our hedge fund-specific solutions will enable you to harness the potential of digital and give crucial sales intelligence to your fund managers. Our digital marketing platform is ideal for hedge funds, as it enables you to send out investor communications that are relevant to your target demographic.

Web Design

We can assist you to enhance your capital raising capabilities and develop a strong, positive web identity for your investment company as specialists in hedge fund business growth. We create visually appealing, user-friendly websites that comply with all applicable standards, ensuring your success and speeding your capacity to acquire finance in an increasingly competitive industry. Our web design and branding services were created with one objective in mind: to help hedge funds like yours develop their businesses.


Many hedge funds lack the distinct branding and image required to create an impression on investors. Our service was created with the sole objective of assisting your hedge fund in developing that crucial identity that will entice investors and allow you to move beyond obsolete asset-raising methods. We’ll examine your hedge fund in great detail, developing a plan that emphasises your strengths while also distinguishing you from the competition. A strong brand will enable you to engage with investors in new and exciting ways online, as well as build the groundwork for a corporation that is future-proof.

Mobile Application Development

A large portion of many hedge funds’ support functions, such as technology vendors, could be better built and operated by third-party suppliers,” and mobile applications tied to your investment management software platform are a prime example of the benefits firms receive from adopting an industry-specific software suite. Firms can effectively differentiate their reputation and service offerings in one of the financial service industry’s most challenging marketplaces by being able to track fundraising opportunities through the fundraising pipeline, continuously share new notes and activities, maximise travel value, and provide a Portal that can be viewed from any device. Our team of professionals creates specialised mobile apps to help you grow your hedge fund business.

SAAS App Development

You’re a provider of hedge fund investment platforms that aim to assist consumers in building a diversified portfolio. Your firm provides investors with exclusive access to quantitative investing methods as well as real-time performance updates via its mobile application, allowing them to access and invest in high-performing quantitative hedge funds. Hedge Fund Investment Strategies are now available to millions of people who previously did not have access to such complex investment possibilities. You expect us to build a platform to manage customer onboarding, manage funds, and use portfolios with market trades as a start-up. Our team of professionals is familiar with the investment techniques that you develop for this product concept. In addition, a separate back-end engine for validating and onboarding users is being developed to save money.

IT Infrastructure Services

We offer specialised IT infrastructure solutions, such as equipment supply, installation, and commissioning, as well as facility management. We’ve formed solid business partnerships with key industry players to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your infrastructure requirements. We’re known for collaborating with forward-thinking consumers using the three engagement modes below:
Systems Integration —
Emphasis on complex implementations involving various technologies, as well as turnkey programme management and relationships with IT and non-IT partners, such as IBMS and Datacentre Build components.

End-User Support

We understand that technological challenges arise and those employees require assistance in getting back up and running. From PCs to mobile devices to applications, our certified end-user support technicians deliver timely, competent service. Think of us as a member of your team. Our end-user support professionals are standing by to offer your employees the assistance they require to complete their tasks. Our techs provide pleasant, timely, and competent service with everything from how to operate a specific gadget to software difficulties. Ascertain that your employees have the coaching they require to be the most effective.

Voip Telephony Service

Our safe and dependable VoIP phone service is an integral part of our overall company toolkit. Not only do you get crystal clear phone calls, but our VoIP technology also includes text messaging, call recording, team chat, and an easy-to-use mobile app, to mention a few features. We are more than just an alternative to a standard landline; we are a one-stop-shop for all your company’s needs. When you need more capacity, our VoIP is simple to add. You don’t have to completely rewire the system or replace your hardware to add as many phone lines or numbers as you desire, and it’s pretty much plug-and-play.

Some Additional Benefits of our Services


Outsourcing allows internal staff to focus on higher-value duties, such as assisting with investor relations or working on long-overdue ad-hoc projects with the COO. Our team acts and thinks as an extension of your fund in this scenario, emphasising the importance of suitability.

Management of risks

To fulfil your diverse reporting requirements, we provide complete tools that integrate data and deliver analyses. Using a historic revaluation model, our patented risk engine calculates security-level exposure, risk decomposition, performance, liquidity, and stress testing data.

Services that are outsourced

From trade-date processing and confirmation to discrepancy reporting, trade settlement, and collateral management, our middle-office solution covers the whole transaction cycle.

Fund information should be made public.

Another important thing that we usually include on your website is this. It’s critical to keep any potential investors and prospects informed. Interaction is critical for forming bonds and keeping everyone engaged. Adding performance and holding data to your hedge fund website is one of the greatest methods to do this.

Support and maintenance are provided on an ongoing basis.

We can assist you to update fund data, make revisions, and generate new content to keep your site current and up-to-date.

CMS with a Simple and Intuitive User Interface

With a flexible, user-friendly Content Management System, you may make changes and updates in-house.

Our Contribution to the Industry


Barclays is a significant worldwide investment bank that manages money for pension funds, corporations, and people. Their objective is to provide long-term value to our investors by stewarding their money carefully. Private equity, real estate, credit, and hedge funds, as well as infrastructure, life sciences, insurance, and growth equity, are among the alternative asset sectors in which they invest. Their investments and efforts help to grow hundreds of businesses and boost local economies. Their asset management division offers firms creative financing alternatives and support to help them fund their expansion and build stronger enterprises. Their retirement services division offers a variety of retirement savings solutions to assist clients in achieving financial stability.

Case Study for Hedge Funds

The Bottom Line of Hedge Funds

A hedge fund, like a mutual fund, is an official partnership of investors who pool their money and are managed by professionals. However, the parallels cease there. Hedge funds are less regulated and operate with less transparency than other financial institutions. They use more risky and flexible strategies in the hopes of producing high profits for fund managers by generating large gains for investors. However, probably, the fact that they have much higher minimum investment requirements than mutual funds is what sets them apart the most. The majority of hedge fund investors are accredited, which implies they earn a lot of money and have at least $1 million in net worth.

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