Developers and Operations Teams have a huge task on their hands. We provide Managed Services for Development Teams and QA Teams to help their efforts and time go further.

  • Developer Tools Configuration
  • Server Management
  • Development and Production Management
  • Release Management
  • QA and Test Environment Management
  • System Clean Down Services
  • Dev-Ops Automation Tools Configuration

Managed Services for Developers and QA Teams

Employing highly skilled developers and QA Engineers is a costly and time-consuming process, so it makes sense to ensure their time is spent on the tasks that really add tangible value to your projects.

Air Web Solutions have assisted many software houses and development, QA Team, to ensure they get the best out of their teams by carrying out the mundane and time-consuming tasks on their behalf. Setting up clean development or test environments can blow a hole in an engineers day, but we have the services to ensure this doesn’t happen. Managing servers and setting up domains can also increase your team’s load, so that’s why we have dedicated support staff to assist your teams most efficiently. Contact our support desk, and we will get right to it. We will let your team know when the specified development, test or production environment is ready for your team to get to work.

Making your Dev Test and Production Processes Efficient

Air Web Solutions have many years of sysadmin and software development experience. We understand the needs of the software development and QA teams and the critical nature of their work. We will ensure your developers and QA testers can focus 100% on the task at hand while you leave the development and test server configuration to us. We are experts in on-premise and cloud technology.

If you are looking for technology-aided solutions to leverage your digital opportunity to its maximum potential, get in touch with us today!

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