January 12, 2021

How to create a kick-ass e-Commerce website?

The E-Commerce industry is booming right now. One big reason for this boom is the pandemic of 2020 that forced countries to put lockdowns and restrict public movement. The move shut down brick-and-mortar stores, but the people turned to their smartphones when they could not go out to shop. And thus, eCommerce companies used this opportunity to the fullest to record high sales.

E-commerce giant Amazon alone amassed net sales of nearly $96.15 billion. As more and more people buy from the internet, companies are racing to get their e-Commerce websites online. Plus, the pandemic showed that e-Commerce holds the key to the future.

But competing in an already competitive industry needs solid preparation and a kickass e-Commerce website.

Decluttering it from the start

Any website that seems to have too much content laid out haphazardly will not have any visitors. The website will invite a massive bounce-rate before its Google ranking slumps, and you take it down. People want simple layouts with different services at just fingernail-distance. They also appreciate the minimalist approach and straightforward designs.

Simple menu options

Menus are your way to declutter your website and streamline all the services and products you offer. But make sure not to add too many categories or subcategories as it can easily overwhelm a simple customer. And once they feel overwhelmed, they will leave your website right away. You can opt for a broad categorization technique.

That search bar

A search bar is a simple tool, and it makes your job of simplifying your website much easier process. Then you can sort your menu out and work on other website-related aspects. When visitors check out the small menu options you have, they can easily browse through them. It will eventually improve your website’s overall user experience.

Several Payment options for customers

Even though Visa and MasterCard are standard, you should not assume everyone has one. Even if your customer has one of them, they do not have to use it to pay. There could be various reasons for not using them.

To save your sales and the trouble for your customers, provide different options for them to pay. Your website should offer payment options like PayPal, Google, Apple Pay, Discover, American Express, etc.

The checkout process

According to a survey, nearly 28% of the customers said they leave their shopping cart if the checkout process is too complicated. Those are some big numbers! The simple way out of this challenge is to ask only the vital information required to deliver their products. Such information includes billing information and shipping address. Anything other than these is immaterial during the checkout process and adds to complications.

Opt for dependable hosting service

The speed of your websites determines the user experience and customer revisit. If your customers are waiting for your website page to load, they will go to your competitors. Not surprisingly, your bounce rate will go through the roof.

There you are! Five excellent tips for creating a kickass e-Commerce website. But make sure to do your research about the market and the products you want to offer. As the competition grows in each market genre, you should be prepared, and offer your customers the best user experience.