February 24, 2021

Top Marketing and Digital Marketing Trends for the Year 2021

Humanity just came out of a massive pandemic in 2020. It threw off every industry and business model in existence. We witnessed several brands and marketers slip and fall as 2020 brought unpredictable circumstances unlike ever before.  It made business owners, corporations, and marketing executives look for new ways to survive the high waves.

The pandemic made it hard for the marketing department to predict their future. As the vaccines roll out worldwide and the economy starts getting back on its feet, there are new marketing and digital marketing trends for the year 2021. There is a more significant shift towards online products and service-delivery with employees working remotely for more extended periods.

Let’s check out some top marketing and digital marketing trends for the year 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

For a long time, we have accepted and known that Artificial Intelligence will play a huge in designing the future. Today, numerous business and marketing companies are implementing AI into their systems. They are using it for communication, data analysis, customer behaviour pattern prediction, track operations, etc. Using advanced software development, AI is now more accessible to businesses, adding more excellent marketing value.

Conversational marketing

With a constant shift towards online product and service management, brand loyalty and trust are becoming interconnected. As this interconnection grows stronger, conversational marketing will still hold a vital position in a successful marketing strategy. Wherever the brand and the customer interact, they should get a short communication line and expect a good response. To ensure that, a business should first provide their contact intelligence like Chatbots are easy-to-reach. These Chatbots are highly critical for online businesses since they serve several customers at one time.

Social media for engagement and retention

As 2021 began, companies and businesses worldwide pushed further to invest resources and budget to social media marketing. In 2020, US marketing budgets during the 2nd quarter registered social media budgets at 24%, an increase of 13% from 2019. 2020 made companies realise that they can at least try and retain current ones if they can’t get new customers. This customer retention through social media will be at the forefront of digital marketing in 2021. Since the lockdown, last year meant people stayed indoors and online, there is a greater increase in online brand, product, and service search.

Brand transparency on social media

In today’s digital world, there is a constant push towards transparency on social media. Brands use social media to engage with their audience while people search on social media for brands to trust. That makes transparency on social media a big deal. And when brands adopt this idea with social consciousness, they send out a message that they care to hear, and people think they are honest.

Data privacy

For marketers, data analysis is a big part of their marketing strategies. On the other hand, customers hold data privacy on online platforms close to their hearts.  Thus, brands must respect customer data, and privacy and any communication they do using data should prove beneficial for their customers.

While 2020 made marketers and brands realise this fact, 2021 will be the year when they apply what they learned. It is time to adapt to the post-COVID world.