December 31, 2020

Top PC Antivirus Software you Should Buy

Top PC antivirus software you should buy

With growing internet usage leading to high cyber crimes and attacks, the need for antivirus security is increasing staggeringly. But the antivirus market is full to the brim with paid and free antivirus options. It might be good that so many companies are fighting to protect our system, but the number of antiviruses available is just too high. It only leads to an overwhelming response and panic as to which PC antivirus software to pick.

To help you pick the right anti virus, we have prepared a list of top PC antivirus software you should buy.

Avira antivirus

One reason that made Avira so famous is that it is free. But that hasn’t stopped it from being among the best PC antivirus software. And when it comes to its premium packages, the incredible price tag for its Pro Package makes it an easy grab. What is more? It is the entry-level package that contains everything you need to keep your system safe. You get a real-time scanner that scans everything you download, cloud files, torrents, and even upload from USB. It is equipped with anti-ransomware and a file-shredder for additional confidentiality. You can buy their Prime or Internet security plan that provides you VPN, mobile app support, PC cleaning tool, and password manager if you want more.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

There are tens of antivirus claiming to be ‘lightweight,’ but they all end up collecting massive data and cache in the system. But Webroot Secure Anywhere Anti virus is one such software that is actually lightweight. When you start installing this anti virus, it takes seconds with a total disk space of 15MB only. On top of it, Webroot’s memory footprint is minimal since it stores virus definitions on the cloud. Even though Webroot has such a small disk occupancy, it still offers all the big boys’ features. Some of these features include a smart ‘firewall’ monitoring system, quick virus scans, real-time anti-phishing, and identity theft safety, apart from several others.

Sophos Home

With Sophos Home Premium, you can protect up to 10 devices at the same time. The developers designed the software keeping amateurs in mind with straightforward controls and scanning abilities. While it may sound good, experts will feel the User Interface to be oversimplified. But the web management interface will manage to woo those who want to control and manage their less tech-influenced family members.

Trend Micro Anti virus

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security is a user-friendly software that offers simple yet effective protection. And when you hear that it comes with less nonsense than its other counterparts, Trend Micro is quite a software. The engine Trend works is a reputed one with expert credibility and high grading. It makes Trend Micro Anti virus is one of the highest-ranked software in the market. If you are looking for something above the current package, you can opt for Trend Micro Internet Security with social networking protection. But if you have more than five devices to protect, there’s always Trend Micro Maximum Security to go for.

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is among the top-notch PC antivirus software you can find in the market today. The software is lightweight and equipped with some outstanding virus definitions. Some expert tests even found Norton to have the least effect on PC performance than other market giants. Its intelligent firewall, browsing protection, and effective PC management systems, are highly regarded. The software is easy to use, but Norton still manages to provide many control options for experts to play with. You can design custom virus scans and evaluate each drive in your PC using an evaluation tool.

When looking for PC anti virus software, you’ll be considering the cost as well. All the software mentioned above offers various packages that will suit your security needs. Do your research and go through the feature list of each software to get clarity.