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Web Mixology

Do you have the right mix?

Web Mixology provides a holistic approach to your online digital requirements. Much like a cocktail, your brand’s digital presence is made up of many individual ingredients, combined at varying degrees to offer your customers and followers a unique experience that allows you to build real loyalty. If cocktails and web technologies have one thing in common, it’s having each ingredient combined in the correct quantity to create the most exquisite results. We think you’ll agree that getting the mixology right is crucial!



With Web Mixology, we analyse your existing digital presence and marketing activities and provide a customised mix of service ingredients that appeal accurately to the palates of your target audience. Furthermore, we benchmark your industry leaders to ensure your strategy responds directly to all of the demands of your existing and potential customers to give your business a competitive.


Web Mixology is not a ridgid programme, but it is structured with enough flexibility to fine tune your strategy from month to month based on analytics and feedback from our experts. We ensure that over time, the web mixology ingredients are combined in the correct quantities to develop a sustainable and lasting commitment to your digital presence ensuring you have your finger on the pulse of all of your digital touch points.

Into The Mix

Let’s break things down further by looking more closely at the core ingredients of Web Mixology.


Brand Standards


Website Design


Search Engine Marketing


Article Writing


Social Media Management


Newsletter Distribution


Analytics & Reporting