June 1, 2021

Why Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay

Cryptocurrencies made their first emergence in 2009 when an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoins to market. Its value never grew higher than $1 until 2011. But today, it costs around thirty-six thousand US dollars. There are ten thousand cryptocurrencies in the public domain now. But how does it gain this much popularity? Will it lose its value after some time? Have you had these questions in mind? Then let us take you through some facts to help you find the answers to all your questions.


The Future Era Of Cryptocurrency

  • A decentralized network called blockchain monitors cryptocurrencies. Every blockchain unit is a miner who gets access to the currency by solving cryptographic equations and recording the blockchain data. From there, the block will record the buying and selling of that currency in that block. This ensures the reliability of the coin. 
  • It is the most efficient means of investment. Cryptocurrency entered the market when people were trying to cope up with the 2008 recession and financial crisis. The people who bought that then are rich now. Like any other commodity of trade, it also involves market risks. But the rising popularity of cryptocurrency is promising. 
  • It is global money. You can use the same cryptocurrency anywhere around the globe. You do not have to worry about exchanging currency while travelling from one country to another.
  • Many retailers and online sellers give cryptocurrency a payment option. Elon Musk recently started accepting dogecoin as a payment option for the DOGE1 mission of SpaceX.  
  • Cryptocurrency is a digital mode of money and can’t be taken away by someone like usual currency. But be cautious about fraudulent deals. Always do your background check before spending money on cryptocurrency. 
  • It cannot be faked or forged. As mentioned earlier, blockchain has a record of cryptocurrencies. And it is easy to track any cryptocurrency that is in the market now. This ensures cryptocurrency from getting forged.
  • The government does not have any role in cryptocurrency. As decentralized non-governmental units run it, the government does not possess power over cryptocurrency transactions.  


Cryptocurrency and their Value

Even though there are ten thousand cryptocurrencies, all of them do not have the same value. Have a look at these cryptocurrencies that are in the top three positions in terms of value (as of May 27, 2021):

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoins are the first and the most popular cryptocurrency. Its significant benefit is that we don’t have to pay tax for bitcoin savings. And unlike banks, it won’t charge transaction charges or other charges, making it the favourite of many.
  • Ethereum: These are the second most valued cryptocurrency as per the statistics of May 17, 2021. It is also a programming language that enables distributors to build and publish distributed applications. 
  • Tether: It is the best option for investors who are looking for a stable investment. Tether came up with the idea of stable coins, which ensures stability in market value. It aims at withstanding extreme volatility and standing on safe ground. If you are not a risk-taker, then go for it. 


Some banks and people argue that cryptocurrency is just the present, not the future. But its tremendous growth even in times when a pandemic strikes the world is a promise that cryptocurrency is here to stay. It has its risk elements. But facts show that it will be the currency of the future. Visit Air Web Solutions and know more about cryptocurrency mining and trading.